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Below you find the links to some of my and my alliances (open literature) papers:

Galle, L.F. Interview

Materieelgezien Ships developed by DMO (Page 12)


Galle, L.F.

Royal Netherlands Navy Above Water Signature Management


Galle, L.F. & Witberg, R.R.

Operational Analysis for stating Naval Low Observability Requirements


Galle, L.F., Heemskerk E.J. & Ewijk, L.J.

Naval Radar Signature Management in support of Above Water Ship Survivability


Galle, L.F. & Schleijpen, R.M.A. Dr

Ship Infra Red (IR) Signatures


Galle, L.F.

Ship Survivability, Part I (Platform Features of the new RNLN Air Defence Command Frigate)


Galle, L.F. & Erkel, A.G.

On TNO-PML Developments of Blast Resistant Structures


Galle L.F., Bosman T., Niessen E. & J. Keuning

Methods for the Assesment of Structural Strength


Galle L.F.

A statistical method for the employment of fragment hit area in penetration equations of codes

12th International Symposium on Ballistics, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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